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“We just wished to pass on our thanks to you for the delivery of our Zoki infra red sauna on Friday, also to say you have been a wonderful company to deal with.
The order process and the delivery went without a problem – Many thanks, Diane.”
Diane Foster, Wellingborough
(by email)

“Re: A great service from Zoki UK Ltd
I am writing to let you know how happy I was with the service I have received from your company, from my first telephone call to the actual delivery.
Everyone was extremely helpful, friendly and efficient. Buying from Zoki has been a very positive experience.
Kind regards, Nina.”
Nina Bauer, London
(by letter)

“Dear Alex, buying off the web is a bit of a gamble. This is the reason I chose your company. You are an English manufacturer and when it was delivered it was everything I expected.”
Mrs V Page, Dumfries

“Thank you for your advice and design work on our custom built infrared saunas. They look great.”
Staffordshire University, Sports Hall

“Excellent! Coped well with a difficult installation.”
Mr & Mrs Morgan-Gervis, Powys

“Very quick and efficient installers. Most impressed.”
Alex & Deborah Clarke, East Sussex

“Thank you – a very efficient nice job.”
Michael Constance, Brixham

“On time and clean and tidy finish.”
Mrs V Chambers

“Excellent, very efficient! Can’t wait to use it.”
Amanda Lomax, Sheffield

“Dear Sir,
I would just like to convey my thanks to your company it has been a pleasure from Start to finish excellent customer service and an excellent product.
Your service is polite, professional and exact. The Heatwave sauna has exceeded my expectations.
It is hard to explain my feeling of delight as I relax in my sauna at the end of the day.
I was tempted to buy a cheaper version from another company but after reading your literature and speaking with you I am so glad I did not.
I will have no hesitation in recommending your company and Products.
Kind Regards
J. Risdale”
John Risdale, Rotherham
(Email on file)

“Good Morning
I want to write a review but can’t seem to get the review tab on mobile, so I am writing one below –
Thank you to ZOKI for excellent service from start to finish. The office staff were helpful, knowledgeable, and honest about their delivery times.
After much research we settled on ZOKI and were very pleased to be able to support a British company which provides jobs to local people. The installation was quick (2 hours max for us) the workmen were friendly, careful and no mess. We have been using the sauna daily for two weeks and love it. Easy to use – heat settings very simple to operate. We purchased the sauna for a well-being boost to health as I have cancer. As I cannot exercise, I never sweat so the sauna does that for me. In just two weeks my skin is starting to improve and overall, it’s given me a boost to my wellbeing. Anyone with cancer will know how important that is. We did wonder with all the price hikes in electric what it would cost to run – we can’t be totally accurate, but it is definitely under 40p per 20 min warm up plus half hour session which is enough for us. Obviously, it could be cheaper depending on your particular energy company. For us it is money well spent and when costed against £10 or more per session at a gym it will pay for itself very quickly.
Our overall assessment is 10 out of 10 – if you are thinking about an infrared sauna from ZOKI, I would say just do it – you won’t regret it.
Thank you ZOKI – you have two very pleased customers.”
John and Angie Williamson, Devon
(Email on file)

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model Sizes & Prices

Please see below our standard range of Zoki Infrared Saunas.

We also manufacture outdoor Infrared Saunas, please contact our office for a quotation.

If you wish to order or ask any questions please call us on 0121 766 7888.

Our opening times are Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm and Friday 9am – 4pm. We are closed on Public Holidays.

Zoki Infrared Sauna

You can reduce any wall size shown at no extra cost. We can also custom build a Zoki Infrared Sauna to suit your requirements. Please contact our office with your design.

Standard sauna height is 1975mm, this can be customised to suit your location.

If you do decide you may want to purchase one of our Infrared Saunas you can if you wish, tell us what you want it to help you with, we then set the Infrared Sauna up to suit you –

1. General health plus aches and pains
2. Sporting aches, sprains and recovery
3. Detoxing and other major health issues
4. Cancers, but not all forms

(All prices are exclusive of V.A.T. at current rate)

Click here for delivery & installation info.

Model Plan View (mm) Sauna Price Delivery & Installation

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model 1010

£2,095.00 + VAT
£195.00 + VAT

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model 1210

£2,245.00 + VAT
£195.00 + VAT

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model 1010c

£2,450.00 + VAT
£205.00 + VAT

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model 1214

£2,695.00 + VAT
£205.00 + VAT

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model 1214c

£2,785.00 + VAT
£205.00 + VAT

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model 1218

£3,065.00 + VAT
£230.00 + VAT

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model 1414c

£3,205.00 + VAT
£230.00 + VAT

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model 1222

£3,725.00 + VAT
£255.00 + VAT

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model 1418c

£3,840.00 + VAT
£275.00 + VAT

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model 1822

£4,605.00 + VAT
£290.00 + VAT

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model 1818c

£4,565.00 + VAT
£300.00 + VAT

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model 1822c

£5,187.00 + VAT
£335.00 + VAT

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model 2222

£6,445.00 + VAT
£365.00 + VAT

Zoki Infrared Sauna Model 2222c

£6,650.00 + VAT
£410.00 + VAT

* This sauna has 2 roof elements

Delivery & Installation

Installing a Zoki Sauna requires us to send a two-man team. They can take up to 4 hours for an indoor sauna and up to 5 hours for an outdoor sauna, depending on size, site position etc.

The costs for delivery and installation shown are for indoor saunas up to 200 miles from our factory here in Birmingham.

Over 200 miles, Ireland and the Channel Islands please enquire.

Outdoor Saunas have their own delivery and installation prices, these will be explained when a quotation for an Outdoor sauna is given.