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Sad email from one of our customers (Email on file)

“With great regret I have to put my indoor three person zoki sauna up for sale, as I am moving home in one month I have had it two years.

One word to describe this sauna is amazing.

We have always used towels on the bench and floor to sit on in the sauna to keep it clean and it’s sprayed and wiped once per week.

I researched saunas and wanted the best one for your health as there are some very cheap poor quality ones out there that are probably more harmful than good for you.

Just do your research before you buy one as there are many problems with most on the market especially the way they are constructed with poor quality wood, glues that are noxious and the main problem is the emfs given off which may be very harmful.
This brand have virtually zero emfs which is what I wanted as well as it’s made from very good kiln dried wood.
This is not a light weight product and the walls are solid double thick with a gap in the middle which is the best option for a sauna.

This one has the ceramic infrared heat elements with the polished steel reflectors, it also has a radio c/d player included as well a light In The corner.

The controls allow you to set what level of heat you require, it all runs on a normal 13amp plug.

It’s in perfect working condition and will need to be dismantled to move it, but as I said it’s a large item and will need two people to move.

I am happy to help take it apart on the day of collection.

Please ask me any questions you like.

For dimensions please see Infrared Sauna model 1218 on the Zoki Saunas range.

I would prefer you to view this item before committing to buy it as it may not be for everyone, however if you are into health and wellness and understand the importance please come and see it for yourself.

Price new are £2500 approximately,
Open to sensible offers !!!”

Optional Therapies, Extras & Finishes

Zoki 1222 Model Outdoor Sauna with Classic Flat Panels extra windows with the customers painted finish
Zoki 1222 Model Outdoor Sauna with Classic Flat Panels extra windows with the customers painted finish

If you wish to order or ask any questions please call us on 0121 766 7888.

Our opening times are Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm and Friday 9am – 4pm.

We are closed on Public Holidays.

Model 1210 Curved panel finish with Near Infrared Panel in the Ceiling
Model 1210 Curved panel finish with Near Infrared Panel in Ceiling

You have a choice at no extra cost –

  • A half glass door with double glazed window or a toughened safety glass door.
  • Traditional Curved spruce panels.
  • Classic Flat spruce panels.
  • 18mm ply with the door and window frames 20mm proud ready for you to plasterboard and decorate or tile.
Sauna in 18mm ply ready to plasterboard and decorate or tile
Traditional Finnish curved panel with a secret nail design
Traditional Curved spruce panels
Classic flat panel with a secret nail design
Flat Classic spruce panels

Control panel can be mounted inside or outside cabin.

  • Radio with a dock for an iPod: £85.00
  • Electric ioniser: £85.00
  • 5 layer air purifier: £85.00
  • Full size colour light panel – 500mm x 200mm: £125.00
  • Electric aromatherapy dispenser with oils: £95.00
  • Full spectrum light panel: £150.00
  • Speaker: £35.00
  • Extra double glazed window: £60.00
  • Bronze glass door: £75.00
  • Bronze Süna glass door: £145.00
  • Roof elements in stainless steel surround (per element): £150.00

Prices are exclusive of VAT at current rate.

If you would like a custom built Infrared Cabin or one of our standard range altered please send us your design for a quotation.

200mm x 500mm to give you
a colour light bath.

Full Sized Colour Light Panel

Our full sized full spectrum light box is specifically for people who work for long periods under artificial lights or for those who suffer from winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.).

Full Spectrum Light Panel

A Zoki Near Infrared Ceiling panel has three Incandescent Reflector Lamps which radiate in the Near Infrared Band of 780 – 1400 nm with a peak at 1000 nm.

The Lamps for optimum directional control of the heat radiation have concentric rings in the front glass with a red lacquered front to reduce visible light emission, thereby virtually eliminating disturbing glare.

zoki near infrared ceiling panel

Optional token meter allows for commercial use.

Token Meter