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The photos below show a carbon fibre infrared sauna which we had to dismantle and take out of a customer’s house, in the customers words – “It is not warm enough to detox, and the aches and pains did not diminish it is a complete waste of money.”

We then took the sauna back to the spa company he had purchased it from, and we installed one of our Near and Far Infrared Saunas and in the customers words – “We love it thanks for everything.”

The sauna we took out is from a well-known company who import their Infrared saunas from China and are on the same search engines as us – Google, Bing etc. Their sauna in no way matches up to their website and the health benefit claims they make.

carbon fibre infrared sauna removal
carbon fibre infrared sauna removal

“Trudie rang our office to ask our advice even though she had another make of Infrared Sauna at her Centre which practiced Alternative Medicine. She proceeded to tell us that her clients were getting headaches after using the Infrared Sauna installed at their centre and then asked what could be causing the headaches.
We questioned her on what make of infrared it was Judie told us it was a We…… In…….. Infrared Sauna.
We explained that it was giving out to much EMF and this was causing the headaches. We explained to her that she needed to test her existing infrared sauna for the amount of EMF the sauna was giving out.
On our advice she bought a EMF Detection Meter and proceeded to test her existing Infrared Sauna she found the EMF readings to be extremely high and this was the cause of the headaches her clients were experiencing.
Trudie then said she was returning the Infrared Sauna to the suppliers for a full refund and wanted to buy one of ours but after having a bad experience with her existing one and not trusting the Infrared Sauna suppliers on the internet she wanted to visit us at our factory and test our Infrared Saunas with her EMF Detection Meter.
When Trudie visited our showrooms we put her in one of our Infrared Saunas and after testing it with her EMF Meter she was totally satisfied with our nil EMF readings on the persons body.
Trudie has now had one of our Infrared Saunas installed in her Alternative Health Centre, she has also been telling customers who want their own Infrared Saunas to buy from Zoki, for which we are very grateful.”
Trudie Jackson, Halifax
(Email on file)

“Dear Ms Frame
Last year I had the opportunity to use an infrared sauna. At the time I did not know about the therapeutic benefits of infrared, or what to expect as I had never used one before.
I was so totally amazed with the experience that I decided to have my own infrared sauna installed in my garage.
I can not comment on different manufacturers or suppliers of infrared saunas. I can only confirm that I purchased a Zoki Infrared sauna that I am extremely impressed with. I enjoyed an excellent customer service from the company that I bought it from, who are called Zoki UK.
I don’t know how I managed before I discovered the countless benefits and healing properties on infrared heat, and could not now imagine life without my infrared sauna.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs M Fuller, Prestwich, Manchester
Letter to Lorna Frame, Express Women Health features

“We just wished to pass on our thanks to you for the delivery of our Zoki infra red sauna on Friday, also to say you have been a wonderful company to deal with.
The order process and the delivery went without a problem – Many thanks, Diane.”
Diane Foster, Wellingborough
(by email)

“Re: A great service from Zoki UK Ltd
I am writing to let you know how happy I was with the service I have received from your company, from my first telephone call to the actual delivery.
Everyone was extremely helpful, friendly and efficient. Buying from Zoki has been a very positive experience.
Kind regards, Nina.”
Nina Bauer, London
(by letter)

“Dear Alex, buying off the web is a bit of a gamble. This is the reason I chose your company. You are an English manufacturer and when it was delivered it was everything I expected.”
Mrs V Page, Dumfries

“Thank you for your advice and design work on our custom built infrared saunas. They look great.”
Staffordshire University, Sports Hall

“Excellent! Coped well with a difficult installation.”
Mr & Mrs Morgan-Gervis, Powys

“Very quick and efficient installers. Most impressed.”
Alex & Deborah Clarke, East Sussex

“Thank you – a very efficient nice job.”
Michael Constance, Brixham

“On time and clean and tidy finish.”
Mrs V Chambers

“Excellent, very efficient! Can’t wait to use it.”
Amanda Lomax, Sheffield

“Dear Sir,
I would just like to convey my thanks to your company it has been a pleasure from Start to finish excellent customer service and an excellent product.
Your service is polite, professional and exact. The Heatwave sauna has exceeded my expectations.
It is hard to explain my feeling of delight as I relax in my sauna at the end of the day.
I was tempted to buy a cheaper version from another company but after reading your literature and speaking with you I am so glad I did not.
I will have no hesitation in recommending your company and Products.
Kind Regards
J. Risdale”
John Risdale, Rotherham
(Email on file)

“Hi Alex,
My testimony…
Zoki Saunas are the best on the market you can buy. I did a lot of research before purchasing my sauna and can highly recommend the saunas and brilliant after sales care I have received.
My Zoki sauna has been invaluable for my Lyme disease, keeping my symptoms at bay and enables me to enjoy a better quality of life. It not only eases any aches and pains, but detoxifies my body, which is essential with Lymes disease. I consider it one of the key components in aiding my recovery and continuing to keep me well.
Having owned the sauna now for over 5 years, it still works as efficiently as the first day it was installed. You definitely get what you pay for and is worth every penny. Thank you for producing a great sauna.
Best Wishes
Louise Jenkins”
East Sussex (Email on file)

Important “Points to Ponder” plus Nil E.M.F. Explained & Why Zoki Ceramic Elements are the Best

If you wish to order or ask any questions please call us on 0121 766 7888.

Our opening times are Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm and Friday 9am – 4pm. We are closed on Public Holidays.

Zoki Model 1214 Infrared Sauna
Zoki Model 1214 with Curved Panelling & Half Glass Door

"Why are there different types of emitters and which are the best"


Zoki use black light, curved ceramic emitters, which are the best. There are no exceptions to this. Our emitters give out far infrared with a mixture of Medium infrared rays. We also offer a choice to couple these with a Near Infrared ceiling panel ensuring the correct mix for your health, detoxing and any other serious conditions.

Because of their shape they create a parabolic effect which gives a good spread of Far, Medim Infrared rays with no cold spots our Near Infrared Elements have their own built-in reflectors Our emitters will not deteriorate after prolonged use over a number of years – we are the only company to give you a 10 year replacement guarantee on the infrared elements. We are also one of the only Sauna Manufacturers that have been trading longer than our 10-year element guarantee.

The emitters on the back, in a Zoki infra red sauna, run at a slightly lower heat output than the front ones. This is so you can lean against the backrests with no discomfort.

A person needs to use an infrared Sauna with a pleasant controlled type of heat, Allowing you to stay in for longer periods than normal saunas.


These can range from a ceramic or glass tube to a bulb in a variety of different names, all trying to impress the buyer – you! In fact – 95% of all infrared saunas for sale are not proper infrared saunas they also do not have a true mix of Middle, Near and Far infrared. In our opinion they are cabins with wall heaters which create a psychological effect which may convince some people that they must work.

You may have seen advertised carbon fibre infrared saunas, these have very distinct disadvantages. There are two types of carbon heaters – Panels and Glass tubes.

CARBON FIBRE PANELS – these were introduced by the Chinese who wanted a very thin heating panel which did not have to be sunk into the wall of the their Infrared saunas, which only had a 20-25 mm thickness. [to see the wall thickness please see the photos on the left column] A carbon fibre heat panel is made by putting a thin metal wire between two sheets of plastic [like an electric blanket], this is then sprayed with glue and then the front face is sprayed with black carbon fibres to stiffen the panel up. Also carbon fibre panels are produced very cheaply. We sell our Polished Stainless Steel Housing with our low EMF ceramic elements for £148.00, we can buy carbon fibre panels from China for £4.00 each.

The problems with this type of panel are –
1. to explain if you have a electric cable in your house it is sheathed in plastic to stop you receiving a electric shock this is what encases the wire in Carbon Fibre Panel saunas and we know your house cable does not give off healthy type infrared rays so how can they claim Carbon Fibre Panels do. In our opinion they are just panels which give off heat. the far infrared rays are extremely low or non existent.
2. The panels cannot run hot enough to give out Medium or Near Infrared or the plastic would melt,​ and the glue give off fumes.
3. The matt carbon fibre surface will not reflect the far infrared rays into the room.
4. Most people buy a far infrared sauna for the health benefits, to sit in an infrared carbon fibre sauna with plastic panels which give out when heated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) plus the panels have glue and lead particles in the carbon fibres this is not the healthiest of options most people look for.

There are some companies who state that their Infrared Emitters  work at “around the 9.4 to 12 microns, which is the ideal wavelength in the far infrared spectrum.”

We at Zoki do not understand this at that output of 9.4 to 12 microns the sauna would run virtually cold.

We think this is what happens when the companies buy the saunas from China or Taiwan a lot of misinformation goes on.​

CARBON AND CERAMIC MIX HEATING PANELS – There are some companies offering this type of emitters in their saunas what they say is that you get the best of both types in our opinion this is a load of baloney.

To explain how this is achieved you grind up ceramic to small particles and mix with the carbon particles then they have to use a CELLULOSE GLUE and glue them to the PLASTIC SHEETS, this is so it doesn’t delaminate with the heat.

How can they say this mix gives out Infrared Rays in any form. One thing we know is PLASTIC DOES NOT emit infrared rays.

CARBON FIBRE GLASS TUBES – the emitters are a carbon fibre in a glass tube, with a small/narrow surface area with only limited output (this can create cold spots) and the description on the US patent site quotes “It is appropriate to provide ceramic (this is what our emitters are made out of) between the heating emitters and the glass to prevent burnout”.

Questions: How long is the guarantee on carbon fibre glass emitters, do they deteriorate over time, nowhere on the patent description does it mention far infrared rays – only heat output, this is because they were originaly patented as patio heaters.

CERAMIC TUBES – the companies that have these fitted in their infrared saunas do not tell you they are ceramic tubes. They will advertise them as ceramic heaters or emitters if you enlarge some of other companies pictures of their emitter housing you should just about see the tube. These ceramic tubes cannot produce a correct mix of near and far infrared.

CERAMIC EMITTERS LOW GRADE IMPORTED – that are produced for some budget infrared saunas these are usually bought in from countries like China the problem with these emitters is that they were produced cheaply and have a very thin layer of ceramic over the wire, these can have a high E.M.F. output.

There are infrared suppliers who advertise that their infrared cabins are more powerful and give you the KW rating. The problem with some of these infrared saunas is that the back elements run very hot and this prevents you sitting with your back against the backrest.

"Do all infrared saunas have a low electromagnetic field E.M.F. or E.L.F. output"

The short answer is NO, E.M.F. and E.L.F. output is the energy which radiates from man made electrics and electronic equipment ie mobile phones, tv’s and microwaves to name a few. E.M.F. waves cover a vast frequency range from E.L.F. Extremely low frequency of less than 1 Hz (cycles per second) up to hard gamma rays at over 300 EHz (EHz is 10 to the power 18 cycles per second). You, the customer wishing to purchase an Infrared Sauna for health reasons should only consider one with a very low or nil E.M.F. output at skin levels.


Zoki Infrared Sauna emitters have been designed and manufactured to fully comply with the EEC electromagnetic compatability directive. They have an extremely low E.M.F. output. With the benches and backrests designed to give you a nil E.M.F. reading at your skin surface.

The reason for this is the thickness and the density of our ceramic emitters. The nichcrome wire is cast directly into the ceramic in a concentrated pattern which has highly effective Far Infrared Output but cancels out the E.M.F. output.

Zoki Far Infrared Sauna being tested with a Gauss Meter

This is a Zoki Far Infrared Sauna being tested with a Gauss Meter which shows a very low E.L.F. reading at 50mm and nil at 100mm which is where the backrest starts, the front elements have a nil reading at 150mm from your legs.


There are a number of infrared saunas on the market which have a very high E.M.F. reading from each of their emitters with carbon fibre emitters and ceramic or glass tubes having the highest output and because you are surrounded by them in extreme cases this can result in headaches, feelings of anxiety and fatigue.

The emitters in these infrared saunas usually have very little material surrounding the emitter wire. The thinner the emitter surround the more E.M.F. output. But what these companies do to fool the public is to give their Infrared Sauna Elements fancy names dreamed up by salespeople.



"What is the best type of material for the emitter housing"


Zoki infra red sauna element and stainless steel housing

Zoki U.K. manufacture the element housings out of highly polished solid hygienic grade stainless steel this will reflect 100% of the Infrared rays and project and bounce them around the sauna ensuring you receive the Infrared rays from all angles, this is called parabolic technology. The grills are also made from stainless steel with a design which will not restrict the infrared output. Our Near Infrared Roof Panels have their own inbuilt reflectors.

All these helps you receive the maximum Infrared rays. In fact, a heatwave infrared sauna is up to 75% more efficient at putting the Infrared rays onto your body than any other infrared on the market.

Also, the highly polished stainless steel reflectors are totally hygienic without deteriorating over a period of time.


The element housings vary a lot.

Some use an infrared emitter housing which is of a dull or flat material, with a very dense grill, this restricts the infrared output and they do not reflect the Infrared rays into the room they also disguise what type of element is used they are usually ceramic rods which are just heating elements.

Also a lot of the element housings vary from each infrared sauna.

Most of them are using mild steel (which can rust), then powder coating them in a variety of colours which can absorb the infrared rays. This is all down to cost using cheap materials which cuts the price but does not benefit the customer.

"Does red light therapy work which some companies are offering?"

The red-light panels consist of a number of LED bulbs these panels if made correctly can have a positive effect on the surface of your skin, whilst not going very deep into your Epidermis Layer and not reaching your Dermis, the middle layer or Hypodermis the bottom or fatty layer.

A Zoki Infrared Sauna can penetrate deeper than your Hypodermis bottom layer going in fact up to 30 to 40mm into your body crossing over on your joints and working on your fat cells this is why we get so many Testimonials.

So, in conclusion a Zoki Infrared Sauna negates the need for a LED red light panel which other Infrared Sauna are Offering as an extra.

"What is the main difference on the types of wood that infrared saunas are made of"


We use top grade kiln dried Scandinavian spruce.

We have the panels kiln dried down to about 10% moisture this ensures all the nasty bits are taken out.

The light colour of the spruce makes the sauna bright and light inside.

The grade of spruce we use is ideal for infrared saunas, it has a long close grain which is very hygienic, resisting any intake of moisture with no strong smells which can aggravate your senses.

We have used this high grade of spruce in our normal saunas where the air temperature and moisture is very high over long periods of constant use.

The spruce panel walls after a few weeks of use form a harder surface which makes the wood more effective at resisting germs and moisture ingress.


CEDAR – Cedar cabins are usually made out of unsorted cedar. when you are viewing the cedar infrared saunas on the websites they normally show you infrareds with sorted cedar,but the reality is that the sauna that is sent out can have in most cases unsorted cedar. This means the cedar can range from a light colour to almost black making the sauna very dark and depressing to sit in. Also cedar contains Cedrene oils which has a strong smell when heated. It may also aggravate the respiratory system in people with allergies.

LOW GRADE SPRUCE – These infrared saunas are constructed out of spruce which has not been slow grown or kiln dried.

REDWOOD PINE – A very soft porous type of pine, this is usually found in DIY stores. This wood has what is classed as dead knots which drop out not like live knots which are part of the grain and do not fall out.

POPLAR – a soft wood normally used in kitchens. It has an open soft round fibre grain which can retain moisture. It also marks very easily, in fact, you can actually push your fingernail into it. It is not really a good material for any type of sauna. Softwood with a high moisture content which can encourage germs and fungi growth.

HEMLOCK – this is normally western hemlock from Canada , used for making crates. It is a softwood – a member of the pine family, whose colour can range from light yellow to brown. The wood has a tendency to split under nailing or when heat is applied. Most hemlock saunas are single panels or a hemlock type laminate finish. In fact the Chinese manufacturers have now put a tongue and groove in 5mm hemlock panels then they glue them to both sides of a fibre board the whole board is still only 20mm to 25mm thick but the the sales person or website can say that the saunas have tongue and groove panels inside and outside.

Why do some infrared saunas have single panel walls and glass walls, are there any disadvantages"


We use a double cladded 70mm wall section with spruce on the inside and outside, or spruce on the inside and a choice of 3 outside finishes. The wall section also has a cavity. This is important to help retain the heat in your infrared sauna, this also helps keep the running costs of a heatwave sauna lower than any other infrared sauna on the market. All wall sections are made to fit together precisely. This makes our infrared saunas very rigid and of a solid construction.

We can also fit double glazed windows in addition to the ones shown – but note we still need to fit the front elements to ensure your whole body is receiving the infrared rays.


A lot of the current models usually shown on the internet have only a single wall cladding. This is difficult to see as they only show you the parts they wish you to see. Some are put together with packing clips. This type of fixing can make the cabin very unstable when you are sitting inside.

It is also very important to keep the heat within an infrared sauna and a single skinned wall section of as thin as 12mm – 15mm will not do this. These type of infrared saunas advertise low running costs when in fact they are quite high due to heat loss. Also, when heat is applied in a single skinned infrared sauna they can move and distort.

Some infrareds show you whole glass fronts. These are single glazed. They look good but the problem is how do they treat the front of your body with the far infrared rays – remember you need to do the core of your body front and back. This can only be carried out with emitters behind you and at the front of you.

"Could you explain the different type of controls on an infrared sauna – some look very futuristic"


A Zoki Infrared sauna is controllable by a burst control system. This is the only control system which will not alter the far infrared rays. They are very robust and if require servicing a new one can be re-plugged in, in 5 minutes. The dial on the controls shows 1 to 10 settings, this is because you cannot have a temperature setting in an Infrared sauna. The reason for this is that an Infrared sauna should heat up the person and not the air if the sauna is working correctly and not just heating the cabin up which carbon Infrared saunas do . Therefore, if you have a large person and a small person, they could be two different body temperatures. With a Zoki infrared all you have to do is select the number setting you like without worrying about the temperature.

Also, on a Zoki infrared sauna control panel, you have a pre-heat switch. This allows you to leave the heatwave on for long periods with just a background heat – ready for you to step in for your session.


Other infrared saunas either use digital, variable (Rheostat) or light dimming type controls. These type of controls alter the far infrared rays and do not give you the correct wave length. If they have got a temperature control this will not be accurate as it cannot detect the temperature of the person in the infrared.

Also, it is mainly down to cost which type of control panel is used. Digital or rheostat type control panels can be very cheap but are prone to breaking down when used in conjunction with infrared saunas.

"Are there any issues with glass doors and windows in infrared saunas"


With a Zoki infrared sauna you have a choice of doors.

You can have a half glazed door with a double glazed sealed unit window or you can have a full glazed toughened safety glass door.

Some of our models have a double glazed window in them. You can, if you wish, change the position of the window or add an extra window in any of our infrared saunas.

Please phone us with your requirements.


If an infrared sauna has a single skin wall section they usually fit a single pane of glass which will not keep the heat in. It is also difficult for them if they are not manufacturers to move the windows etc. Also, some companies show you all glass front Infrared saunas these have various issues.

When the sauna has a glass door which is hinged to a wood surround this is quite ridged and safe, most of the glass doors fitted in glass front saunas have a hinge arrangement where the hinge is attached to the glass panel next to the door.

Everyone knows that if you touch glass onto wood you get no reaction but if you touch glass to glass it chips, so they have to leave a gap between the glass panels to prevent this or put a plastic door seal in which perishes at roof level because of the heat.

The glass front design look great, but it is a bad idea. When heat is applied, in all types of sauna, when they are new the wood will shrink, but, glass does not shrink, so after a period of usage, there are gaps where the doors and windows do not fit.

"What if the sizes shown are not the ideal size for my site?"

Not a problem, because we manufacture all our infrared saunas to order, we can custom build for you any size or alter our standard sizes.

We can also add any other features you wish
– more windows
– ceiling emitters in the Far, Medium or Near Infrared output range
Infrared saunas for outdoors

Please give us a ring with your requirements, we are here to help you, the customer.

"Can a Zoki radiant heat sauna help with health problems?"

According to the dissertation of Dr Tsu-Tsair Oliver CHI concerning the mechanism of infrared radiant heat on the human body. Our body organs absorb the infrared selectively. When a muscle or an organ has absorbed sufficient radiant heat, the next infrared rays pass without causing any effect, but any damaged muscles or organs will carry on absorbing the infrared rays. This is what is called resumate absorption.

This type of thermal system has produced brilliant results which have been reported by many doctors and scientists. The following health problems have been particularly benefited by regular use of infrared saunas, arthritis, backache, menstrual pain, muscular cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, low blood pressure and bronchitis. These and many other health problems have been improved by infrared therapy.

It is therefore considered that a radiant heat infrared sauna can be an essential part of any programme for staying healthy.


A Zoki infra-red sauna promotes deep cleansing and has the capacity to flush out of your system the many toxins and poisons stored in your body, which can have a detrimental effect on your health.

Also, after a few weeks of regular use you will notice, your skin will start to show a healthier tone, colour, and texture, it is without doubt the most pleasant and therapeutic way to a healthier future.


Depending on the person, a 30 minute session in a Zoki infra red sauna sauna can result in up to 800 calories being used or the equivalent of a long run.

Also , because of the deep tissue penetration it is one of the fastest and most effective ways of dealing with cellulite.


Doctors have successfully used this type of radiant heat on various backache problems, arthritis, high blood pressure, sports injuries and rheumatoid joint problems.

A Zoki infra red sauna also has the capacity to flush out the many toxins and poisons stored in your body, helping you fight many diseases.


Used regularly a Zoki infra red sauna will break down the build up of tension and greatly increase your flexibility. This then creates a feeling of total well being making you very relaxed and ready to face whatever may come your way.


It has been reported in the journal of the American Medical Association that regular use of a Radiant Heat Sauna may place a similar stress on the cardiovascular system and be just as effective a means of conditioning and burning off calories as regular exercise.

The heat of the infrared rays generated by the thermal system go deep into the body’s tissues and internal organs, making the body respond to this by increasing both heart volume and rate.

Medical research confirms that when the body works to cool itself a substantial increase in heart and cardiac output occur.

Validity of this form of cardiovascular conditioning was confirmed after extensive research by N.A.S.A.

The conclusion was that this form of Infrared stimulation of the cardiovascular function would be an ideal way to obtain cardiovascular conditioning in American astronauts on long space flights.

Please note Infrared Saunas may not be suitable for everybody please ring us for advice or go to our CONTRA-INDICATIONS page.