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“It’s wonderful, you’ve done a really good job. Thank you for all your help.”
Simon Howland, Buckinghamshire

“I would like to say how pleased and efficient your fitters have been very helpful and tidy too. Good service all round.”
Gemma, Kent

“The sauna arrived yesterday and was installed and working within 2 hours.
The guys that did the work were very professional and efficient. It is exactly as I ordered. Tried it out last night after several hard games of badminton. This is definitely the way to unwind. Lots of room – many thanks.”
Colin Sherwood, Kent (by email)

“Very pleased with the installation and with the overall service from Zoki.”
Mr Leggott, Lancashire

Zoki Infrared Saunas

Model 1010c Corner Model Infrared Sauna
Model 1010c Corner Model with flat spruce panels and suna bronze glass door


Model 1218 Infrared Sauna
Model 1218 with Curved Spruce Panelling and Clear Glass Door

Welcome to our Infrared Sauna pages. We at Zoki have been the only UK manufacturer of infrared saunas since 1998. They are made here, in our own factory where the quality can be monitored and sticking to our policy of manufacturing Infrared Saunas with NIL E.M.F. output readings at skin level. Can any other Infrared Sauna company give you that assurance?

You can choose from our standard range or we can make you a custom-built model, taking the time to listen to your requirements and offering sound advice when needed.

A Zoki infrared sauna is built to last using the best components and materials. Check out our specifications list:

  • Black light curved far and near infrared mix emitters
  • Highly polished stainless steel emitter housing with parabolic designed reflectors
  • Burst control system with pre-heat
  • Double skinned 70mm walls with a cavity

All our infrared saunas have a far and near infrared mix. This is the most beneficial infrared treatment for your health giving you benefits such as – helping you to get fitter and healthier whilst using up huge amounts of calories. This is all achieved by using a Zoki infrared sauna on a regular basis.

A session in a Zoki Infrared Sauna is a totally pleasant and rewarding experience with the user able to select whatever temperature they wish their bodies to be, without the discomfort of the air being too warm. This is because the emitters in the sauna heat up the person rather than the air. Out of 100% infrared energy only 20% heats up the air and 80% is converted to heat within our bodies.

Compare a Zoki Infrared sauna with any other Infrared sauna. Check if they have a NIL E.M.F. and E.L.F. output at skin level with a near and far infrared mix to ensure you receive the best Infrared treatment from Detoxing your body to other serious conditions whilst relieving aches and pains and giving you positive help with weight loss. For more details click here to go to IMPORTANT POINTS TO PONDER E.M.F. and E.L.F. output and the problems with Carbon Fibre Panels Explained.

You also have a choice of six therapies, double glazed windows, glass or wood doors, different finishes and a choice of fourteen standard size infrared saunas.


We as manufacturers can offer you a custom built service with prices based on our standard range.


We can make any of our standard range into a outdoor infrared sauna or if you wish one to your design, and remember our outdoor infrared saunas are the only ones with 70mm walls and double insulation in the roofs.

If you would like more details about our Infrared saunas or sound free advice on any other make of Infrared sauna please ring or contact us.