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Infrared Sauna Accessories


Heat & Moisture Resistant Speaker [IRSP]

The speakers are enclosed in a protective basket and the woofers have polypropylene cones for protection.
They also include a mylar tweeter.
Power rated 20W max, impedance 8 ohms.
Cut-out required - 138mm x 65mm mounting depth.

£34.75 each

Colour Light Panel [IRCL] without cover

The colour light panel is made out of zintac with a size of 200mm x 500mm, and is designed to be mounted into a cavity. It comes with its own on/off switch in a stainless steel surround.

Each unit has 5 lacquered, coloured bulbs, designed to give off a very intense colour. These are connected into brass lampholders to avoid any distortion associated with plastic ones.

It is fully wired to an I.E.C. plug.

£155.00 each

Colour Light Panel Cover [IRCLC]

With opaque Perspex in wood surround complete with hinges.


Electric Aromatherapy Dispenser [IRAR]

Made of steel with its own on/off switch, it has a small fan designed to pull the air over the top of the aromatherapy bottle.
It is designed to be sunk into a cavity with an inlet vent in front of the bottle (i.e. door). This will then fan any oil essences to your outlet openings, giving you a background aroma.
Each unit takes a 10ml bottle of aromatherapy oil.


Aromatherapy Oil [IRAO]

10ml bottle of the highest quality essential oils which have been mixed to invigorate and re-energise.
Ideal for infrared sauna applications.


Full Spectrum Light [IRFSL]

Our full sized full spectrum light box is specifically for people who work for long periods under artificial lights or for those who suffer from winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)

Each unit can be fixed into a corner with the four fixing points so that the light shines into the subjects eyes whilst they are reading etc.

It has its own switch and comes complete with an on/off switch in stainless steel surround. The front has an opaque perspex cover with wood surround and is pre-wired with an IEC socket ready for connection.


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