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Finnish Sauna Panels, Benches & Wood

Our prices are inclusive of VAT.

Traditional Finnish curved panel
Traditional Finnish curved panel
Classic flat panel
Classic flat panel

20mm Secret Nail Spruce Panels

The sauna panels we use are selected for their premium qualities and close grain, they are sourced from sustainable forests.

We have been using the same panels for our indoor and outdoor saunas for over 24 years.

The panels are of a 30 year old Finnish design with a 20mm tongue and grove section which allows you to secret nail, it also prevents excessive heat loss associated with panels with a small tongue and groove section.

Please visit our Finnolme Sauna or Zoki Infrared pages to view the panels on actual saunas.

6 x 2100mm pack is £45.00 (Please order by phone)

The sauna panels are for order by phone, you can if you wish give us the size of your sauna project by email or phone and we will work out your panel requirements and give you a delivered price. You will need 13 panels to make a 1000mm single skin sauna wall section.

Traditional Finnish curved panel with a secret nail design
Classic flat panel with a secret nail design
Ladder Sauna Bench
Ladder Sauna Bench
Traditional Sauna Bench
Traditional Sauna Bench

Made to Measure Sauna Benches

You have a choice of two designs LADDER or TRADITIONAL.

Each style is constructed out of top grade spruce with Obeche tops.

Obeche has a beautiful silky matt knot free surface with a 5mm round profile on each corner, it is a hardwearing wood with little degeneration when used over a long period.

It has a very close grain with virtually no water ingress, therefore it will feel cooler to sit on than wood which takes in water.Obeche is the choice of most professional leisure centre gyms.

The framework and front sections are made up of top grade spruce configared to give you maximum strength.

A standard bench is 500mm wide this is made up of Obeche panels 96mm wide with a 6mm gap to let any water drain through.


Please order your benches by phone on 0121 766 7888 or email us with your requirments.

The prices on our custom made benches are priced to the nearest 500mm above your size ie. if you want a bench made to 1425mm this would be priced at the 1500mm bench price. When ordering please allow a gap of 5mm at each end, you will still be able to cut each end to fit if the bench is tight.

1000mm x 500mm
1500mm x 500mm
2000mm x 500mm
2500mm x 500mm
3000mm x 500mm

The delivery charge is for 1 or 2 benches and the delivery cost will be for the longest bench i.e. a 1500mm bench + a 2000mm bench would cost £75.00

If you require wider benches or a different design please contact us and we will assist you with your requests.

Please note: Benches over 2000mm will need centre supports – contact us for advice.

* Please note these benches may come in two sections.

Benches for outside your sauna

Benches for outside your sauna

Sturdy freestanding well made benches for resting after your sauna session.

They are made of top grade spruce with a choice of spruce or obeche tops.

We offer two standard sizes or we can custom build any size for you please contact us for a quotation.

Sizes (mm) – 500w x 400d or 1000w x 400d

Spruce Top Bench -

Obeche Top Bench -